About us

Who are we?



Action Sports Project is a 501c3 charitable organization that was formed in 2013 with the goals of helping growth and participation in all Action Sports.

Together with a dedicated team of volunteers, we are helping grow Action Sports at the community level as well as helping Action Sports athletes and their families. Our Board of Directors is made up entirely of volunteers who are committed to the mission of helping Action Sports and our fellow athletes.



A few ways we help?


The Sports:
* Develop growth projects to increase public awareness and participation

* Provide support for existing and develop new practice, training and competition locations

* Help sport growth by offsetting entry cost for new participants

* Develop community/school level programs to foster new participants


The Athletes:
* Aid injured athletes or those affected by catastrophic events through financial, physical, and emotional support.

* Support athlete education.

* Help athletes with equipment, competition, transportation, and training costs

* Help amateur athletes transitioning to professional ranks

* Help offset the entry cost to foster participation



Combat sports, MX, cycling, Skate, Surf, Snow etc…

Support your sport!